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Concerns with indoor air quality (IAQ) in our homes and offices have increased as more people learn of the health issues related to living with the impurities present in our homes air. Better home construction practices work to minimize the infiltration of outside air but also can contribute to the buildup of indoor air contaminants. Excess humidity has a cunning way of leaving its mark on your home. It might first appear as condensation on your windows. In more severe cases wallpaper peeling or paint bubbles can be a result in areas with poor ventilation. To make matters even worse, a foul smell in the air that never seems to go away could be present. Over time, the condition, which started as a few steamed windows, has turned into a major headache. Untreated, worse case scenarios can result in costly structural damage to your home. We can offer a variety of solutions to help with providing quality indoor air and preventing these problems from starting. Each home and each life-style has a different solution, ranging from simple air-exchange to ERV's (energy recovery ventilators) to whole-house HEPA filtration.

We are proud to offer the VENMAR line of Air-to-Air Exchangers and APRILAIRE AIR CLEANERS AND HUMIDIFIERS. A Venmar air exchanger will put your mind at ease by eliminating a range of humidity and condensation problems. Our personalized approach will give you peace of mind by ensuring you have the best system and installation for your home and your lifestyle.





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